Found in 2001,Dongguan Keyang Energy-saving Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd is a large-scale professional manufacturer of heat pump water heater in China .we are the first to research and develop high-efficient ,energy-saving and environment-protection heat pump facility ,we set up specialized research institution and we have many famous experts who are engaged in the research and development of the heat pump products.Our heat pump water heater have such merits as energy-saving ,environment-protection ,safe and reliable  etc.

Keyang Company has equipped with many domestic advanced production equipments to achieve automatization and commercial production .And all our products have been invested with

"Chinese air source heat pump---- quality reassurance,qualified products complied with national standard in hot water industry" by Chinese medium and light industry quality guarantee center,Keyang company has passed ISO90001:2000 and CCC ceitification.

        After Keyang company's hard strive and endless innovation, we are in possession of advanced technology in the heating facility field in the world.Our factory adopts high-compositive intelligentization control to provide every user with safe,comfortable,convenient ,economic ,energy-saving and environment protection scheme, then meet people's pursuit to high-quality live.

       Keyang is industry-widely recognized as a very famous heat pump brand in Chinese market. Being well-known for highly efficient performance, reliability and reasonable prices,Keyang heat pumps are installed every year in thousands of hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings and swimming pools in China.

        Keyang heat pumps are exported to many countries and regions include Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia. With a highly effective management team, modern facilities, and excellent pricing, we endeavor to offer high quality products and the latest technology for incredible success and growth. We look forward to expanding our customer base and invite you to contact us for more product and company information. We will continue to offer valuable technological service to our clients from around the world.




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